Are you sitting comfortably?

When faced with a long-haul flight getting the right seat arrangement can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the flight.

Airlines have spotted this and now offer various enhancements for an extra payment. You can book particular seats. You can buy extra legroom and so on.

airline extra legroom deals

On a Virgin Atlantic flight to the USA we were offered extra legroom seats for £50 each and decided to go for a comfortable start to our holiday.

We wish we hadn’t. The extra legroom was because of an open area by the exit.

Yes there was more than enough space to stretch our legs. But, because it was beside the servery, it was also a place for people to congregate while requesting water and drinks from the cabin staff.

The space by our feet became a bustling, noisy place filled with people, dancing round our legs, sometimes tripping on them, while socialising in loud voices.

So, if you are offered extra legroom, take a good look at the seating plan before you agree!
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