US Government shut down

We can count ourselves lucky. We had just completed a road trip in California and were on our last day in San Francisco when we first came across a “closed” sign as a result of the US Government shutdown.

It was at Baker Beach, just south of the Golden Gate and, while the gate was shut, it was still easy enough to walk down to the beach to get some good photos of the bridge.

US government shutdown
Closed by the US government shut down

But, what if the shutdown had been earlier, or our trip later?

Well, it is possible that some of the national parks would have been closed. That would have put a real dampener on our trip.

As independent travellers, we would have had no comeback.

Had we booked a package holiday, or used a travel agent, then there might have been some comeback if our trip had been curtailed.

Golden Gate
We still got our picture of the Golden Gate… and with only a nude seagull in the foreground

I guess we would still have gone the independent route, but you do have to be aware that you may have no comeback if your plans go awry due to closures.

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