Easing security checks

The suggestions from British Airways chairman Martin Broughton, that some security check requirements at airports should be eased, is appealing. Appealing, that is, as long as we can be sure that safety and security is not compromised.

There is no question that the current requirements are a disincentive (albeit minor for most people) to flying. But, recently, I spoke to one woman who has to go on her overseas trips without her husband. Apparently, he just cannot be doing with the security checks at airports and, for this reason more than anything else, he prefers to holiday at home.


To a point I can sympathise.

My heart always sinks when I see a long snaking queue for the security checks.

I just know that you are going to have to do some dextrous juggling.

First you have to stow your boarding pass and passport, at the same time getting the mobile phone, keys and change out of your pockets. Then I have to get my laptop and/or iPad out of its bag, while at the same time taking off my jacket, whipping off my belt and removing shoes. Without anything to lay stuff on, this is no easy task.

Then, on the other side of the security area, you have to try and grab all these items (while holding up your trousers!) and then find a place to repack, replace your belt and put on your shoes.

it is all a bit fraught. Especially, as usually seems to be the situation, the security area is particularly cramped and full of other people jostling.

At the end of the day, though, this hassle is undertaken for our safety. So you really just have to grit your teeth and put up with it.

But, I do yearn for the days when you used to be able to turn up at security, leaving the laptop securely stowed in its bag, the belt round your trousers and your shoes on your feet. All you had to remember was to put mobile phone, money and keys in the bag, take off your jacket to go into the scanner, then walk through.

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