Pump iron before visiting LAX

Visitors to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) would do well to make sure they are in peak fitness before they get there.

Arriving there on a flight from San Francisco, we retrieved our bags from the carousel reasonably rapidly and set off to get a luggage cart. No problem, we thought, there was one just a couple of hundred feet away.

Coming in to land at LAX. Prepare to heft your baggage!

But LAX charges $4 for the hire of the cart.

Not too outlandish or unreasonable.

Except paying them for the cart seems to be impossible unless you have have either four single dollar notes or a $5 note. We didn’t.

No problem, we thought. It takes credit and debit cards.

Well not ours, it didn’t. After trying a total of seven assorted Mastercards, Visas and debit cards. That machine and two others returned a surly “incorrect card” message.

After lugging five large bags from one terminal to another we were of a mind to blacklist LAX on all future visits!
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